Halloween Fun

I’ve decided to start making some costumes up for GeMyles for Halloween. These will show how our clothes can be changed, subtly or a lot, to make great costumes for this Halloween season as well as for RPG. I’ve already gotten a start and you can check out my Flickr pics to see some of the results┬ástarting with the Cheetah costume and moving forward. I think I’ve been doing fairly well on that front. What do you think? There is a rundown of the items used in the description of each picture.

For reference, Devil Wears GeMyles is our new line of costumes. I have added other props or accessories to those that show up in this series. Though, if you go through the rest of my GeMyles Album you will notice that I do tend to add some of this already. This time I’m doing it especially for the Halloween season.


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