Halloween Fun

I’ve decided to start making some costumes up for GeMyles for Halloween. These will show how our clothes can be changed, subtly or a lot, to make great costumes for this Halloween season as well as for RPG. I’ve already gotten a start and you can check out my Flickr pics to see some of the results┬ástarting with the Cheetah costume and moving forward. I think I’ve been doing fairly well on that front. What do you think? There is a rundown of the items used in the description of each picture.

For reference, Devil Wears GeMyles is our new line of costumes. I have added other props or accessories to those that show up in this series. Though, if you go through the rest of my GeMyles Album you will notice that I do tend to add some of this already. This time I’m doing it especially for the Halloween season.

Hello, is anybody in there…

This will contain thoughts and occurrences that happen in my SL life. Nothing momentous really, just a potpourri of the things I do and think. I’m not especially loquacious and there are sometimes going to be rants here. I may even post something about the store I work for in Second Life. Don’t be surprised to see pictures of me in those outfits or more.

Please bear with me while I try to figure out how to be a blogger. And please, if you choose to leave a negative comment, please give constructive criticism. Negativity and drama are not what I want here.

Thanks all,

Aurora Rose


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